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Tracing People South Africa

Tracing People South Africa. Please complete the form below and submit to us. We will immediately attempt the requested trace and inform you of our success, or not. DO NOT PAY ANYTHING NOW! See our Cost & Options page for applicable rates.If we are successful, we will inform you, forward a redacted trace report followed  by the full report as soon as payment is received.

Please note that we also offer an Information Verification Service, a Business Tracing Service and Bulk Tracing Services. Please visit the applicable links / pages on this website in order to complete the correct Request form.


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Tracing People South Africa

Tracing People South Africa

If you have two or three bits of information on someone, we can attempt to trace and find that person. We can work with an ID-Number alone, no-problem! We can use a complete full name & surname, but will need to know something more to ensure that we are working with the correct person. A Birth date, or age even, an address, school, work or previous work place etc can be very handy in confirming that we got hold of the correct person or not.

Obviously the more information you have the better the chances are of tracing someone. We can also attempt to trace a business and/or the business owners, including any links to a business or its owners or previous owners.

Please remember that a Business Trace and a Business Owner Trace does not resort under the “No-Success No-Fee” rule, as we have to access & pay for certain data bases which list registered business entities and details regarding its most current and up-to-date legal status, ownership and general business standing.

Please make sure you have read our Terms & Conditions before requesting a Trace.

Tracing People South Africa