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Steps for Tracing People South Africa.


  1. Please complete the Trace-Request form on this page.
  2. We will immediately attempt the requested trace and inform you of our success, or not.
  3. We will inform you once we have put together a successful trace report, which will be sent to you immediately after payment (or proof of payment) is received.


Please Note: If you possess any of the details asked for in our request form, please still provide them even if you are aware that they might not be in use or outdated. This way we can compare our findings to your request and avoid providing you with details which you already possess.

Tracing People South Africa

Tracing People South Africa

If you have two or three bits of information on someone, we can attempt to trace and find that person. We can work with an ID-Number alone, no-problem! We can use a complete full name & surname but will need to know something more to ensure that we are working with the correct person. A Birthdate, or age even, an address, school, work or previous workplace etc can be very handy in confirming that we got hold of the correct person or not.

Obviously the more information you have the better the chances are of tracing someone. We can also attempt to trace a business and/or the business owners, including any links to a business or its owners or previous owners.

Please make sure you have read our Terms & Conditions before requesting a Trace.

Tracing People South Africa