Verification Services

Trace Person South Africa

Trace Person South Africa.  Verification of Information  –  R 50-00 per item verified

Please note:  

  • The “No Success – No Payment” option IS NOT applicable on a Verification Trace; We either verify as true / correct, or not, and supply you with proof and / or further detail.  
  • Fee payable in advance with your request
  • A Fee of R 100-00 additionally payable on the above if you select the “Extremely Urgent” Option; ONLY payable if we complete the verification within 24 Hours.
  • We will forward our Banking Detail on receipt of your Trace Request

Average Turn-around time  –  2 – 4 (working) days

We can verify the following information you provide as true (or not!):

  • Id-Number (to a specific name)
    Trace Person South Africa

    Trace Person South Africa

  • Name(s) – Full names, surname, maiden name, spouse’s name
  • Contact detail (Telephone, Cellphone, E-mail, Fax….)
  • Addresses; Residential, Business, Place of work 
  • Employment, Previous Employment
  • Citizenship
  • Marital Status
  • Alive, Deceased
  • Left the country?

Please contact us by E-Mail if you need any other aspect to be verified. We will inform you of the possibility and applicable fee.

Verification of information may come in handy when you were supplied with information on a specific individual or a business entity, and you need to confirm the validity of that information. We can virtually verify, as true or not, any kind of detail or information on most individuals in South Africa, and the same for registered business entities.

The most common detail that needs verification, are identity Numbers, obviously linked to a specific name. Identity theft became common-place in South Africa, and can cause serious damage to a business or individual. However, it is actually quite easy for us to identify this and prevent possible heart-ache…

Rather be safe than sorry; if you need to base any decision  or outcome on a certain piece of information, and you are not sure about its validity, contact us and make sure! 

Trace Person South Africa

Trace Person South Africa

Trace Person South Africa