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How to Find Someone South Africa

How to Find Someone South Africa


  1. Contact Trace           –  R 300-00
  2. Full-detail Trace       –  R 450-00

Please Note:   A Fee of R 200-00 additionally payable on the above if you select the “Extremely Urgent” Option.

Also Note: If we conclude that the person is deceased, the fee will be payable as per successful Trace.

    How to find Someone South Africa

    How to find Someone South Africa

We search for AND confirm* latest contact detail of a person.

*Confirm: This is very important, as many companies will supply you with contact detail without confirming that the person is actually contactable at the supplied detail!!


We trace a person AND obtain full latest listed details available. This will include some or all of the following:

  • Full names and surname
  • Maiden Name
  • ID-Number  /  Passport number
  • Marriage status  /  Spouse details
  • Current / previous Addresses, at work & home
  • Current and/or previous listed Telephone numbers, cellphone numbers; work & home
  • Current and/or previous Fax numbers, E-Mail addresses; work & home
  • Place of employment; current and/or previous; plus available contact detail
  • Other Info found: News, Articles, Social media…
  • Business ownership

Please Note: A minimum fee of R 150-00 will be payable towards the provision of the latest listed detail of a person. The full R 450-00 will be payable on a successful trace plus the latest listed information.

B)   VERIFICATION OF INFORMATION  –  R 50-00 per item to be verified


  1. Business Trace                                                                  R 250-00; payable in advance
  2. Business Trace, Including Principal trace & detail:         R 250-00 + R 200-00 per Principal; payable in advance.

Normally when you need to trace a business, there will be certain circumstances that are not normal… The business may have moved, closed down, taken over by another company, changed its name or even more serious – be in liquidation. 

We will most likely find out what the situation is. Of great importance are the principals of a business, and to find out what their current ownership / management situation with the business is. Also important is to look at possible other business links and interests, especially those that may be relevant and/or connected to the business you are looking for.

How to Find Someone South Africa

How to Find Someone South Africa

How to Find Someone South Africa