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Find People za

Find People za


 E-Mail:  [email protected]

Tel:  076 123 1376

Fax: 086 606 6230

Address:  48A van Riebeeck Avenue, Alberton North, Alberton, 1450

Po Box 2480, Alberton, 1450

Find People za

We have a collective experience in tracing people of over 40 years. We offer a No-Nonsense service and goes out of our way to keep our service to you simple and affordable. At the same time we strive to be the best!

To trace someone is not always easy, especially when that person does not want to be found!

We are linked to (almost) all available sources of information in the country, and naturally have a few tricks up-our-sleeve as well. We are therefor quite confident that if we are not able to trace someone, chances are very slim that anybody else will be able to!

Long story short: You request a trace – we trace – No success…… you don’t pay a cent. Chances are however that we will be successful, so you pay us a few bucks for our trouble…

Find People South Africa

Professional People Person Individual Business Tracing Services

  • We can assist you in Tracing People, where we undertake a diligent search, making use of various available resources in order to find and locate an individual. The first prize is obviously to trace someone and in the process obtain contactable detail.
  • We also offer a Detail- or Information Verification Service.
  • We also undertake Business Traces and Business Owner Tracing.
  • We also do Bulk Tracing.

Find People South Africa…

Whoever you are looking for, we may be able to assist in tracing such person! In most instances we can also assist with old records. Maybe you are looking for detail on a very old person, or maybe someone that is deceased? We have searched for and successfully found numerous persons “of the past”, who had very few details known publicly. Find People South Africa – Today!

Find People South Africa

Find People South Africa

Find People South Africa

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find people South Africa